To apply for Olympia Weekend 2017 Media Credentials, please follow these instructions:

Fill it out online or Download the PDF

2. Mail the application along with supporting documents to the following address:
Mr. Olympia, LLC
Attn: Mercy Safayan
3699 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1220
Los Angeles, CA 90010

3. All application forms must be completely filled out and postmarked by AUGUST 11, 2017 to be considered (NO EXCEPTIONS).

4. We will send out an initial email confirming receipt of your media request application. A second email will be sent out after August 11, 2017 to inform you of your media status and whether of not your organization has been granted media access. Media credential pick-up instructions and additional details will be sent to you via e-mail by September 4, 2017.
We recommend you submit your application form as soon as possible since we have a limited number of media credentials available.

5. Along with your application form, please submit a copy of your company letterhead and/or business card and a recent issue of your publication. If your company attended last year please submit a recent publication showing your 2016 Olympia coverage.

6. Make sure to include all of your contact information as requested on the application form so that we can contact you regarding your request.


For questions about the media application, e-mail Mercy Safayan or fax (818) 932-9032.



Without the express written consent from Mr. Olympia, LLC, videotaping any part of the Events is prohibited. All violators will be removed from the premises immediately.