JungShin® Slice

Using carefully crafted, aerodynamic wooden swords Jungshin® Slice will take your body and mind through a stimulating cutting-edge workout using both long and short swords. During this session you will enter into the depths of the benefits of eastern martial art based exercises, learn how to effectively integrate these ancient moves into the modern-day fitness curriculum.

Please join us for THE SWORD FITNESS group workout at the 2018 Olympia Expo!! Each participant will be provided a short/long sword. Win your very own warrior pack and teacher training course by entering our onsite raffle!

Reserve your spot now! Experience a unique and revitalizing workout!

Email us: info@Jungshinfitness.com

Jungshin Fitness® is dynamic movement experience, an authentic meeting of body and mind, where martial arts meets modern fitness for cutting-edge health. It uses swords to engage directional momentum training, power, and agility. Each move is carefully crafted to engage play, maximum health, and the 8 by 8 by 8 system of energizing stances, strikes, and warrior attributes. You may visit us at www.jungshinfitness.com