The 2018 IFBB Pro League Pro Wheelchair Championships is History in the making! This is the FIRST time in ever that Pro Wheelchair Athletes will battle on the Olympia Expo Stage! These inspirational athletes are True to Life Warriors. They are living, breathing proof that there are no such things as excuses for those with hard core determination and deep inspiration. These Inspirational athletes are the BEST IFBB Pro League Wheelchair Bodybuilders in the World!

Words cannot express what a powerful experience it is to see these truly unstoppable athletes take ownership of the stage. This very special event is not just about Bodybuilding. It’s about proving to the world what the power of a determined mind and the human spirit is able to accomplish. We admire all athletes who achieve greatness, but these amazing people have overcome so much more than just the limitations of the human body.

2018 Dallas Europa Games – TBA – June 17, 2018
2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow – TBA – June 3, 2018
2018 Arnold Classic – Harold Kelley
2017 Dallas Europa Games – Harold Kelley
2017 Toronto Pro SuperShow – Harold Kelley
2017 Arnold Classic Africa – Harold Kelley
2017 Arnold Classic – Harold Kelley
2016 Toronto Pro SuperShow – Gabriele Andriulli
2016 Arnold Classic – Harold Kelley
2015 Dallas Pro – Harold Kelley
2015 Toronto Pro SuperShow – Harold Kelley
2015 UK BodyPower Pro – Harold Kelley
2014 Dallas Pro – Nick Scott
2014 UK BodyPower Pro – Harold Kelley
2013 Houston Pro – Harold Kelley
2012 Houston Pro – Harold Kelley
2011 Houston Pro – Harold Kelley

Nick Scott