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FitBurn Named a Presenting Sponsor of Olympia Weekend

FitBurn™ becomes the first crypto project to partner with Olympia Weekend, Promoting first “Burn-To-Earn” platform

FitBurn, the world’s first Burn-to-Earn platform, has partnered with Olympia Weekend, the industry’s most prominent fitness event and home to the legendary Mr. Olympia. This is a landmark achievement for FitBurn, as it’s the first crypto project to become a major sponsor of the world’s most prestigious fitness and bodybuilding experience.

Bridging the space between crypto and big sport

Olympia Weekend is the year’s most anticipated event for fitness enthusiasts, where the biggest names in fitness and sports gather to connect, share experiences, perform, and showcase their world-class physiques. In 2022, Olympia Weekend will take place December 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Planet Hollywood Resort as well as the Venetian Expo & Convention Center.

According to Olympia President Dan Solomon, “FitBurn is an innovator in the crypto space and we are incredibly excited to welcome them to the Olympia family as a presenting sponsor. This relationship will be powerful for everyone involved.”

Through the collaboration with Olympia Weekend, FitBurn will have the opportunity to partner with some of the biggest celebrities and fitness influencers from across the globe. The project will have a dedicated booth at the expo, where celebrities, athletes, and general fitness fans can join the platform or learn more about its features and the Burn-to-Earn model.

'FitBurn wasn't conceived as a crypto project nor a game. First and foremost, we aim to make people healthier — and bring them together through social aspects and sports. Mr. Olympia is the Super Bowl of the fitness industry; everyone who shares a love of fitness wants to be a part of it. For us, this partnership is a big opportunity to move forward with our mission,' noted Chris Oldfield, the project’s CSO.

Transcending the Web3 space with Burn-to-Earn

FitBurn created an innovative Burn-to-Earn model motivating users on their fitness journey through regular rewards. Unlike most blockchain projects, its value offer is not just limited to the Web3 environment. Users are rewarded for their real-life physical activities, which also have long-term positive impacts on their health.

The platform’s ecosystem functions through its native token CAL (Calorie Token) and gamified t-shirt NFTs. To join the platform, users must purchase an NFT, which also grants them a free yearly partner gym membership. Upon joining, they can start tracking their gym activities through the app and get rewarded with CAL tokens for every burned calorie.

Users can trade their CAL tokens on the crypto marketplace, use them to upgrade their NFTs, get discounts at major fitness retailers, or purchase a wide range of fitness products and services directly from the platform. The platform’s NFT holders will also receive invites to exclusive VIP events and earn the governance rights of the protocol.

For more information about the 2022 Olympia Weekend, including tickets, schedules and discounted hotel rooms, please visit .

About FitBurn

FitBurn is set to revolutionize the fitness industry as the first Web3 project that rewards regular fitness activities. The project was founded by Ferhat Kaçmaz (CEO), Sebastian Menge (COO), Chris Oldfield (CSO), and Alexander Meurer (CIO), who have extensive experience in the fitness industry, as well as crypto, entrepreneurship, and investments. FitBurn raised $1.4 million in the pre-seed funding round, and the application development started in June 2022. The project aims to receive mass exposure by the end of this year through its partnership with Olympia Weekend.