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Olympia University


Build your body AND your brain! The Olympia is the pinnacle event for bodybuilding and fitness. If you are into the iron game, you owe it to yourself to make the journey to this spectacle. But living this life is more than just about watching – it’s about doing. And with Olympia University, you can now do that more than ever. The Olympia has teamed up with the #1 sport science consulting company in the industry, Dominate Your Game®, to bring you Olympia University. Top speakers from the iron sports, strength & conditioning, sports nutrition, rehabilitation, and fitness & health all talk with the goal of providing you real world information, whether for yourself or your clients. Be exposed to the hottest topics in the industry! At Olympia University, if you are an athlete, a coach, or even just a fitness enthusiast, you will learn from the best in order to be your best. So, get on board with the greatest education track in the industry!